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22-Jan-2018 04:37

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Please note: I am NOT looking to be a Cougar or a Sugar Mommy; neither, a geriatric nurse.

I'm "slaving away" in Saudi Arabia paying my dues in South Africa... IF YOU ARE GOING TO ASK FOR MONEY PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US. I love food and conversation, I am also very protective of those that I care about and do not I'm an honest person, kind to others, love animals. thanks you can whatsapp me on 060867I am a fun 24 year old, with a very succesful career in photography which sends me all over south africa, i am very passionate about what i do..

IF YOU CANNOT BE COMPLETELY HONEST AND ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US*** Profile: I am a strong Christian man age, (young) 55 who is HAPPII am strangely good looking for someone in IT and I am obsessed with my Ducati... I am married with a one year old, but bored to death in my marriage..

Hair is dyed monthly to keep some grey at bay, but otherwise mane-worthy, despite being a lioness.

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Goldin joined the cast of the CBS daytime drama “The Young and the Restless” in 1999 in the role of Gary Dawson, which he portrayed in 20.… continue reading »

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