What is serial dating

04-Oct-2018 16:25

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This person could be just another jaded online dater and should be avoided.

This is just one of the many signs of an online dater.

Have you ever dated a woman whose attitude suddenly changes for the worse?

Or been with a guy who starts to play games out of nowhere?

We can have a good date, but if we didn’t sweep them off their feet like Ryan Gosling in , it’s just not good enough.

Or maybe the person you’re seeing abruptly turns into a rude, mysterious person with no explanation. As a guy, I’ve often seen these abrupt changes happen with one type of woman more than any other.

Namely, “The Serial Dater.” In my opinion, serial daters are some of the most dangerous women online.

These are the type of women that play the numbers game and try to go on as many first dates as possible.

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While this may seem like a reasonable thing to do in order to find that special someone, it is also a red flag. Because serial daters are often the type of women that are always looking for the next best thing.

The punch line is that never should these three women meet.

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It also provides a false disqualifier, meaning something that hides the fact that you are hitting on her, ultimately making it easier to hook a group. If you’ve got a situation where you’re walking and a girl you’re interested in blocks your path, put your hand up as if to gesture her to stop. The key is the pause; it makes her think you’re going to say, “You are so beautiful” or some other clichéd statement. I used to use it when I first started, and the girls would laugh but still carry on walking afterward—so you need to quickly introduce yourself in order to extend the opening. Standard opener—can be delivered with a skeptical face.… continue reading »

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This makes sense, given that your blood flow increases when you're turned on.… continue reading »

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