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21-Jan-2018 18:57

Lihat saja lirik This Love, yang merupakan lagu karangan GD yang iramanya digubah dari lagu dengan judul yang sama milik Maroon 5.

BTW, GD sendiri pernah mengatakan bahwa lagu This Love memang didedikasikan untuk orang yang spesial di hatinya.

[ 53, -0] Damn, Han Ji Hye's arms made me burst out laughing10.

Please don't delete this post, who cares if fans fight among themselves.9.

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Leader Bigbang ini memang memiliki sejuta pesona di atas panggung.

Song Joong Ki Pann: 26 pictures that are banned from the celebrities' fancafes These go around as like...

'badly taken' pictures that will get you banned off of a star's fancafe if you post them there for shits and giggles because circulating them pisses fans off.1.

Can't believe people are fighting over these pictures being posted11. [ 36, -2] Can someone move that sticker on Song Joong Ki's butt13.

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[ 40, -0] Can't we just have a quick laugh over this post??Tapi spekulasi keduanya adalah mantan terus tersebar karena lagu This Love itu, terutama saat GD jelas-jelas mengucapkan Hey "J".

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I suppose, this is also how we keep adding to our greater humanity – by bringing the goodness in ourselves and sharing it with the world.… continue reading »

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Its best bits, when “PK” tells his story to Jaggu (Anushka Sharma), do what good science-fiction writing does so well (and no, I’m not saying this film is sci-fi ): making the familiar very unfamiliar, providing a fresh look at things we take for granted (so that you may end up asking ‘what really IS so strange about a man pairing a formal shirt with a flouncy skirt? Plus there is the sweetness of the idea that an alien newly landed on Earth, and unused to verbal communication, might end up speaking exclusively in Bhojpuri because that is the language of the only person he succeeded in “transmitting” from.… continue reading »

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