Updating ps3 via cd

17-Aug-2018 05:42

updating ps3 via cd-77

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In addition, many PS3 games will partially install onto the HDD. You can also store photos/music/video on the drive for easy use on your PS3. Otherwise, you can burn it to a CD/DVD/BR, or copy it from a media server on your home network.

The PS3's disc drive is not a CD/DVD/BR burner, so you cannot use it to get data off the drive. You will need an external HDD, connected via USB (see the External HDD section below). Follow the instructions to backup your existing HDD data to the external drive. The PS3 uses a proprietary file format for its internal HDD, which cannot be read by PCs.

If the instructions appear too complicated try the easier to use GUI version of fat32format.

This will now have formatted the entire drive in FAT32.

Some brands are being a bit dodgy and not conforming to the 2.5 inch spec – they will be too thick to fit within your PS3. Unfortunately there wouldn't be a significant speed increase from using SSDs.

Just check the dimensions – not more than 9.5mm tall. PS3 consoles don't have interface software optimised for SSDs. You should note that any trophies you've earned will be wiped in the process of formatting.

If, however, you have a drive that's not – you'll need to do it yourself.

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However – read the installation instructions below.Use a cutting disk to carve a line across the head of the screw, effectively turning your rounded off head into something that can be unscrewed by a flat-head screw driver. Obviously this will destroy the screw, and is quite dangerous to the HDD, so do this with caution.This can be one of the easiest options to do, but of course be careful and wear eye protection. If the screw that is stuck is on the left side of the caddy, you can also try filing off the loop so you can remove the HDD without undoing the screw. Depends on the data you are trying to transfer: You cannot reliably use the backup utility to transfer data between consoles.It is considered an out-of-warranty repair (user-caused damage).

updating ps3 via cd-77

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PS3 Slim Additional Instructions On the PS3-Slim, the HDD bay is on the front of the console, instead of the side.

When you try and restore the data on the second PS3, it will recognise that the backup data was created on a different console. Taking the internal HDD from one PS3 and putting it straight into another also will not work. Any external HDD with USB connectivity will work with your console, as long as it has been formatted in FAT32. If you want to hook up any kind of external HDD or flash drive via USB to your PS3, it needs to be formatted in FAT32.

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