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Weinberg and others have argued that the impetus for the development of prejudice theories was the Nazi German atrocities of the Holocaust.

Prejudices are attitudes and beliefs, either conscious or unconscious, and interventions focus on attitudinal change as the key to mitigating hostility between groups and their members.In early childhood, a "highly regimented, strictly disciplined household" caused children to learn propensities toward "rigid, inflexible, and prejudicial attitudes towards certain minority groups and their members" (Weinberg, 2006, p. This, in turn, created a person who was "highly submissive to the dictates of established authority figures and intolerant of people(s) who do not conform to those dictates" (Weinberg, 2006, p 471).Through this analysis, Adorno explained both how a person can act upon inhumane orders from authority figures and this process can reinforce intolerance towards specific minority individuals and groups through the development of a personality trait.Little attention was paid to the overall failings of a given social structure.

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A similar phenomenon occurred in other cultural theories of prejudice set forth in the first half of the twentieth century.Realistic Conflict Theory Description | Research | Example | So What?

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