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The easiest way to identify a machine made bottle is to check to see if the seam goes over the lip.

Machine made bottles will also have a machine mark on the base but these vary by manufacturer and are more difficult to describe.

The end result was intended to impress the guest who drank from it as to the wealth of the owner, but ranks as an object of beauty in its own right.

This is what we believe to be a gilded, knopped, facet stem wine glass dating from the late 18th century, c1790. This means, of course, that it shows the age related wear and tear to both the rim of the bowl and to the rim of the foot commensurate with 200 years of use.

The bowl is cut with a band of fleurs de lys to the base and is gilded with three bands of florets and leaves, and a border to the rim.

Made in two pieces, the bowl is extruded to a facet cut (diamond cut, terminating in fishscale...

I am often asked "How do you know how old these bottles are? Here is a five minute lesson that will assist you in dating most, but not all, antique bottles.

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The twists that dominated the middle of the century made way for cut stems, or faceted stems, which reflected the candlelight.

If you look carefully it will appear like the seam was just wiped away. Although the automatic bottle making machine (ABM) was invented in 1904 many bottle were still being made by hand for quite a few years.