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16-Oct-2018 10:41

In the classic 419 email, the author claims to be a wealthy former member of the corrupt Nigerian government needing to quickly transfer money out of the country, and the email recipient is asked to make their bank account available for the money transfer in exchange for a hefty percentage of the gain.Although such email scams are more strongly associated with Nigeria, they are pursued in other parts of West Africa, as well.

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“This thrill was evident in the most popular of Internet activities among youth — collecting pen pals.” Burrell observed young Ghanaians pursuing a variety of relationships with foreigners online, including same-aged platonic friendships, romantic relationships, older adults to appeal to for advice, patrons offering financial support, and even business partnerships.

Burrell found that many young Ghanaians had difficulty seeing the social and cultural disconnects that separated them from the foreigners they attempted to befriend.

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In a 1996 interview with Katie Couric, Houston said: “I brought [Robyn] into this madness. The piece is noteworthy for the mixed messages that the singer (in full diva mode) puts forth. But I’m not a lesbian, darling [.…] Not gay, not all that bullshit. In a tribute posted on the on the day Houston died, she said, “When people left her or were told to leave, they could never believe that Whitney would never call them–but she never did […] I think that if she admitted any feeling of sadness or weakness she would crumble [….] She could not pick up the phone.” She added, “I have never spoken about her until now. She was a loyal friend, and she knew I was never going to be disloyal to her.… continue reading »

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