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25-Aug-2018 22:14

While many mandates cover basic providers and services, others require coverage for such nonmedical expenses as hairpieces, treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, pastoral and marriage counseling.These mandates apply only to those health insurance policies controlled by state health insurance laws - usually policies purchased by small businesses and individuals.Senior Fellow Devon Herrick testified before a congressional committee.For more than 30 years, state legislatures have passed laws driving the cost of health insurance higher.These outdated volume controls need to be dumped, unlike tart cherries.

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In 2009, 30 million pounds of cherries rotted on the ground, which is allegedly “enough to serve a cherry pie to every resident of Michigan, with 5 million pies left over.” The 30 million pounds of tart cherries restricted from that year constituted 65 percent of the market.

In those cases, the federal government has effectively created fruit and vegetable cartels and is blessing a form of price fixing.

Tart cherries are not the only recent example of the egregious nature of marketing orders, and, specifically, volume controls.

Each individual order is initiated by industry and must be approved by a two-thirds vote of growers.

Each order is enforced by the USDA and is binding upon the entire industry in the covered geographic area, regardless of whether an individual agricultural producer has supported it.They shouldn’t be put in a position, due to government meddling, where they conclude their best option is simply to waste perfectly good cherries.

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