European union law book and updating supplement pack

24-Sep-2018 18:57

For a law student getting his first taste of EU law, however, this is frustrating. I will never have a use for the old treaty article so to include such can only lead to confusion.

It struck me as a lazy way of updating what would otherwise have been an outstanding casebook.

There's a lot of good information contained within.

My biggest complaint, though, is that there are a lot of references to outdated treaty articles.

Judicial review: the legal accountability of the Community's institutions; Part III.

The pursuit of an occupation in another Member State; 17.

It does an amazing job of presenting a completely foreign legal system in a way that is accessible to American students.Typically, the first mention of the old treaty number will have a parenthetical reference to the new treaty article, but subsequent mentions will be to the old one.This might be useful to a professor who has studied EU law for a while. Sovereignty and federalism: the authority of EU law and its limits; 6.

Accountability and review of the EU institutions; 9. Examining the road to the Lisbon Treaty and the recasting of the borders of the European Union, it offers the most current survey of the law of the Union.

The freedom to pursue an occupational activity and freedom to provide services; 20. With cases and materials integrated throughout the text and recommended reading sections accompanying each chapter, the text is essential reading for all European law students at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

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