Deepika padukone dating siddharth mallya 2016

14-May-2018 09:14

Siddharth has lost oodles of weight after cutting a podgy figure on the party circuit when he first arrived from England over two years ago.

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A mole who attended the party tells us that Siddharth remained at Deepika's side throughout and they also left together.

The buzz has been growing strong about their 'friendship' ever since they were first spotted together at the opening match of Indian Premier League in Mumbai.

And then Deepika’s name was associated with liquor baron Vijay Mallya’s son Sidhartha Mallya. We bring to you the unseen pictures of Deepika’s past boyfriends.

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He has also worked as director of the IPL cricket team Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), which is owned by his father, and as a marketing manager for Guinness (a product of Diageo, a large drinks company closely tied to his father's business).Siddharth and Deepika were seen together at Salman Khan's siblings Arpita and Arbaaz Khan's combined birthday bash and also at the special screening of Aamir Khan's production venture Peepli Live.