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I will say that I am definitely an alternative health care believer so what I recommend will not be anything close to what mainstream does...

I have witnessed so many bizarre practices by mainstream medicine that I seek advice from naturopaths, DC and other natural sources, I have for 25 yrs..

Remove the pan from the stove and with a liquidiser or blender, blend the soup until smooth, adjust the taste with mustard and sugar if need be. may I ask what her symptoms were b4 you discovered the issue?? We quickly found out that her kidneys were failing and we spent over a month in childrens hospital.

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I was wondering if there were any parents out there who have children with CKD? Its been tough finding some good recipes.anything will help. Thats extremely nice of you - and much appreciated. Ive checked with drs, childrens hospital, and with all recipes i have to adjust anyways for what she can have and cant have.we are getting bored of the same old stuff (not much variety). Every sunday I have to cook up meat with no seasonings..a roast beef as well as a piece of turkey or a chicken for lunches all week as she cant have processed meats/foods, or canned foods, or premade meals, or condiments, as they all contain high amounts of salt/potassium.phosphate is in almost all foods.

Spread mustard mix smoothly over bread and grill until crunchy. To serve: Reheat the soup, then pour into the serving bowl, place the cauliflower florets into the middle of the soup, with the croutons on top.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------These are only two of the recipes...there are more, please check go thru the searches for others. Unfortunately she wasnt followed through the general GP or by any specialists and was "lost" in the system.

She got sick a few months back (shes 12) and there were no other signs but a high fever.

My daughter has just been diagnosed with CKD and she is on a no-salt, no-potassium, no-phosphate, low protein, low fat diet. I am headed in the direction of curries..powders are tasty and have no salt etc in them. She cant have grains, nuts, milk products (1 cup a day), and only 2 eggs a week. I hope your daughter is able to modify her diet so that no further medical intervention is required. Just tried and found Chicken Spring Rolls Onion and Rosemary Tart Tatin Pan Fried Salmon with a Ginger and Basil Butter Sauce Cream of Cauliflower and Mustard Soup Asian Spring Roll Dipping Sauce Cream of Courgette & Cumin Soup Facts and Figures-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Serving Size 6 Preparation Time 25 minutes Cooking Time 8 - 10 minutes Key Nutritional Value Energy 242kcal/1228k JProtein 11.4g Fat 14.0g Sodium 19mmol Potassium 7.4mmol Phosphorus 4.2mmol Ingredients-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Filo pastry 2 sheets Bean Sprouts 6oz/170g Carrots 3oz/170g, thin strips Spring onions 1 1/2oz/45q. chopped Fresh mint 1 tsp Coriander 1 tsp Chicken 8oz/225g, skin removed Oil 3 tsp/15ml Sesame oil 2 drops/1ml Black pepper pinch/2g, freshly mill Corn flour 4 tsp Light soy sauce 1 floz/30ml Olive oil for brushing 1 tbsp/15ml Instructions Cut chicken into fine strips and fry in hot wok with a little oil flavoured with sesame oil. Toss in carrots and beansprouts and cook for a few minutes. Take off heat and stir in mint and coriander and allow to cool.