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Apart from that, I have prior experience with C , Java Script, HTML, CSS etc.As an individual, I am passionate about developing things that affect the users directly, and things that provide a creative outlet.The results of the survey would be published on the Brackets blog..

Our contributors have played a major role in making sure it evolves as the leading code editor for web developers.I started contributing to open-source in 2016 @Brackets during my Internship at Adobe.Since I started using Brackets, I loved it for the simplicity and ease of coding with powerful features.I am also an avid reader and sometimes dabble with writing.

I am really excited to start this new journey, and hope to learn new stuff.

We recently conducted a survey among Brackets users. 64% of the participants are less than 30 years of age.

To not leash your pet when it's outside is just wrong and dangerous, and there's honestly no argument that can be made against it other than "But teh animals need to be frees and cats can't do any harm to anyone they need to stroll arounds" Its reaction in the video is a little justified, but to make it an argument against leashing...would be like saying if a leashed dog bit you, then dogs shouldn't be on leashes. Theoverprotective mentality people have towards cats is rediculous; theyre independent animals, you dont need to coddle them like dogs[QUOTE="Lockedge"]Uh, cats should always be on leashes when outside, unless they're strays and don't have anyone taking care of them. Feed em in the morning, let them strut around a bit, kick em out, let em in at night ,feed them, snuggle, then kick them out before bed. And while we didnt live in a high traffic zone, we had racoons and coyotes to worry about. They raised their dogs well, and I know if they brought them to live in town, and weren't on a leash, they'd probably behave just fine.… continue reading »

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