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Here I’ll show an emergency hidden last resort workflow for recovering from a corrupt Logic Pro project that won’t open. Leon Pendarvis (aka Pen), one of the musical directors of Saturday Night Live, who unfortunately had to stare this situation down the hard way with his colleagues in preparation for a recent show.Opening corrupt Logic Pro projects isn’t always a huge issue.INTRODUCTION In this article we are going to discuss preparing your individual audio files for exporting.The process will involve consolidating or merging your audio tracks, which we will be explaining in depth here.If you are exchanging the entire song file, syncing files should not be an issue as the timeline is being exported along with the audio files.But here we are discussing exchanging individual audio files, files will be exported and then reimported into a new sequence, and thus will have to line up exactly as they did in the original sequence from which they were exported.

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Which means that the audio file will probably begin with silence. Let me illustrate: In the example below you see an audio track in the tracks window.One of the biggest obstacles is dealing with crashes.Fortunately there are many safeguards built in to Logic Pro to avoid losing your work; some obvious, some not so much.Other times though the project will not open at all, and the data contained within is seemingly inaccessible via the above methods.

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Project alternatives and automatic project backups are only available from within an open project, and so aren’t of much use with severely corrupted Logic Pro projects.Usually we can use the Import function in the All Files section of the Browser to bring the project data into a new project.