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28-Mar-2018 05:17

Your first option for do-it-yourself debt consolidation is a balance transfer.This is where you take the balance on one or more of your high interest credit cards and transfer it to a card with a much lower interest rate.You can combine multiple credit card debts onto a single credit card with significantly lower interest, so you only pay one bill each month that is often much lower than what you pay on your debts individually.To make a balance transfer work successfully, you need to have a strong enough credit rating to qualify for the right balance transfer credit card.Just know that as I mentioned responding to another's review, if you don't wisely use this loan to wipe out some higher interest loans or credit cards, then it will be like you are drowning and you step into cement shoes; if you wisely use this loan to actually pay off higher interest credit cards, then it's as if they just threw you a much needed floatation device (use it until you've paid it off, and by paying off your accounts, your credit will quickly rise; along the way, of course you have to PAY them BACK, that's the deal, period). Best Egg seems to be a very honest company, and they fully disclose the % that they are offering you a loan for, the amount the loan is costing you via a fee they charge for the loan AND the functional total % you will be paying after you add in the fee.Before you sign up for the loan (and I hestiated nice and long before finally opting for this loan, I'm a commitment phobe, so I had to get over the 3 year commitment, because it would have taken me longer than that to pay off my less than ideal Credit Cards and credi tlines that are 21% - 29% interest while still using a few the few great cards, such as AMEX that are 14% (I love me my AMEX).

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This allows you to lower the balance on your debt quickly, because 100% of the payments you make go to paying off the debt rather than accrued interest.

As with a balance transfer, much of your success in making this DIY debt consolidation option work is having the right credit scores to qualify for a good interest rate.

If your credit scores are low, you will either not be approved at all or the interest rate will be too high to provide the benefit you need.

Loans are deposited directly into your bank account in as quickly as seven days.

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You have the flexibility to pay off your loan whenever you want and get rid of future interest payments. Consolidating your debt and paying off your credit cards can improve your credit score.Best APR is available to borrowers with excellent credit.

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