Chaste dating

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The Bible also gives this good advice: “Call the older men of the congregation.” (James ) These Christian shepherds can give counsel, advice, and reproof so that you can get your relationship with God back on track.

[Pictures on page 47] Would you wait until your house caught fire before you installed an alarm?

TIP Date in groups, or insist on having a chaperone. ● What limits would you set on physical contact with a member of the opposite sex?

Avoid risky settings, such as being alone in a parked car or in a house or an apartment. ● Explain how fornication, uncleanness, and loose conduct differ.

For example, the Bible tells the story of a Shulammite girl and a shepherd boy who were in love. Yet, they evidently exchanged displays of affection before they married.

(Song of Solomon 1:2; 2:6; 8:5) Today some couples who are seriously contemplating marriage may likewise feel that some chaste expressions of affection are appropriate.* However, a dating couple must exercise extreme caution.

[Blurb on page 46] “My fiancé and I have read together Bible-based articles on staying chaste.

We appreciate the way they have helped us maintain a clean conscience.”—Leticia [Box on page 44] What if We’ve Gone Too Far? Don’t deceive yourself into thinking you can solve the problem alone.

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The apostle Paul wrote: “The works of the flesh are manifest, and they are fornication, uncleanness, loose conduct.” He added: “Those who practice such things will not inherit God’s kingdom.”—Galatians -21. The Greek word covers impurity of any kind, in speech or action.

Kissing, embracing, or doing anything that causes arousal can lead to sexual misconduct.

It’s all too easy, even for a couple with honorable intentions, to get carried away and engage in sexual immorality.) has a broad meaning.

Surely it would be unclean to allow one’s hands to stray under another person’s clothing, to remove another’s clothing, or to caress another’s intimate areas, such as the breasts.

In the Bible the caressing of the breasts is associated with the pleasures reserved for married too far, or they greedily seek out numerous partners with whom they can practice sexual uncleanness. I was afraid to tell him to stop; I thought he would get upset and want to leave.” What do you think?

Such ones may be guilty of what the apostle Paul called “loose conduct.” The Greek word for “loose conduct” means ‘outrageous acts, excess, insolence, unbridled lust.’ Surely you want to avoid coming to be “past all moral sense” by giving yourself over to “loose conduct to work —Ephesians -19. “One day my boyfriend came over when my mother wasn’t home, supposedly just to watch TV,” she says. Did Laura’s boyfriend really care for her, or was he just seeking selfish gratification?

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