Bontut makwe sabah

09-May-2018 03:45

You should read our full article about it here for full context and why this only applies to Islamic conversions, but basically it led to a massive legal lubang for divorced families, where a parent who converts to Islam may also gain an unfair advantage in getting custody of the children – especially if the children have been converted to Islam as well – plus a whole bunch of other legal problems.

But creating a better law is one thing, actually enforcing it properly is another.

This basically means that now the prosecution has to prove to the court that you intended to be seditious, and the court now also has to take that argument into account (they previously didn’t have to).

But don’t go around flaunting your freedom of speech just yet!

We think the Sedition Act doesn’t really need too much introduction at this point since a whole lot of people have been arrested under this law, with the most prominent being Zunar, a cartoonist who holds the dubious title of being the most sedition-ed man in Malaysia – 9 charges which all came at one time!

One common line of defense used in Sedition cases is the argument that the Sedition Act unconstitutional because it’s wide enough to be misused to curb freedom of speech and expression, which is guaranteed by the Federal Constitution.One particular concern is that – unlike other criminal cases – the authorities don’t need to prove you had the intention to be seditious in order to charge you for sedition… However, this changed when PKR Assemblyman Mat Shuhaimi’s with challenge for a sedition charge for posting an allegedly-seditious post on his blog.