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This dust comes from special blue pixie dust which replenishes the supply. Blue dust is shown to be a powerful augment and rejuvenator.However, there are also other colors of pixie dust revealed/created in the movies, such as green, pink, orange, teal, yellow, and purple, each granting a fairy a talent or augmenting one.

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In its common appearance, Pixie Dust is nothing more than a golden, sparkling powder.

Not only that, but Pixie Dust is needed for every Fairy to be able to fly and use their magic.

In Never Land, every eight years, when the moon turns blue, is a celebration called the Autumn Revelry, during which a Fairy is chosen from a Guild to create a scepter, which will hold the Moonstone, which, when the blue moon shines its light through the moonstone, creates blue Pixie Dust, which also rejuvenates the pixie dust tree. The Fairies inform Izzy and the other young pirates that they can restore their supply by visiting the Fountain of Forever which produces Pixie dust all year round.

In Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Peter Pan ask the fairies to bestow Izzy with a small pouch of Pixie dust which is used in emergencies only, however she did have to use it one time when her crew (Jake, Skully, and Cubby) lost Bucky in a race against Captain Hook. In The Pirate Fairy, both the golden-yellow and blue pixie dust can be merged together with the help of a special ingredient to make various colors of pixie dust; each possessing its very own magical properties.

Zarina uses the variously colored experimented pixie dust to switch Tinker Bell and her friends' talents. Helps a fairy greatly argument and strengthen his or her magical talents.

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