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LORNA KNOWLES: In the 10 years since the program first began, referrals have increased from 10 per year to 200. If these kids aren't supported when they're young then the behaviour just becomes more entrenched and they do end up being those adults who offend against children.

I figure if you're meant to get pregnant you will get pregnant no matter what BC method you use, unless your abstinent...I just recently went off birth control (ironically not to get pregnant), my husband and I had sex on the first day of ovulation and the 3rd day of ovulation - he pulled out each time - is there still a chance of us getting pregnant?Yes, you can get pregnant from the pull-out method.MOTHER: The teacher would be reading stories to them.

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And he explained to me that the older boys would sit behind the younger boys and they would interfere with them.In short you can get pregnant if you aren't using any birth control.