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What matters is the music And for the last several years I have looked forward to this time -- opening up every window of the house so that the scent could waft through the halls (which is exactly what it's doing as I write this post, cross-legged between boxes and trash bags stacked for Goodwill.)We're only moving a mile and a half away -- blocks away from the apartment Hal and I shared when Archer was born -- in the old neighborhood where it all began... It's bigger than our house -- with an extra bedroom so Archer and Fable can have their own space -- a first for both of them and one that is quite necessary at this time.We'll be in a walking neighborhood like we are now. Our new place was built the same year "Esteban" was and is full of original details from that period.Ideally, longer than that, but I know better now than to hold my breath or make plans or set anything in any kind of stone. that this house will always be a part of our lives even when it isn't.We've signed leases in the past, only to see them broken. William Lagarde, a pediatric endocrinologist at Wake Med in Raleigh.According to scientific studies, the age of puberty in girls has fallen from 11 to 10 in the past two decades."Cleavage is not an option when you're 13."In cases in which there is a danger of inadequate growth – experts say that, if puberty begins too early, a girl's adult height can be stunted significantly – doctors can prescribe medicine to slow or to stop early puberty."We do have medicine that we can give that actually suppress puberty and actually pause or turn off the pituitary gland so that puberty does not progress while you're on that particular medicine," Lagrande said.But for the most part, doctors recommend families help their daughters learn to accept their development."At the same time, you don't want to put too much emphasis on it, because you don't want to shift the other way and make them feel embarrassed," Debbie Madia said.

"In general, the trend for the onset of puberty in girls is becoming younger," said Dr.After two years of financial hardship, acquired debt and a tax lien on our mortgage care of THAT ONE REALLY GOOD YEAR we had back in 2012 (we got taxed up the ass that year and were never able to get in front of what we owed) we realized, after much hand-wringing, that we really didn't have a choice. infinity things that children/families/humans need... It was a gift from Hal's parents and I will never forget the day my newly pregnant self sat in the piano store watching Hal take our Clavanova for a spin. We don't own it in the same way we don't own our new place. what matters is how we inhabit new spaces and what we do to improve them once we're there.