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I was brought up taught that girls should be seen and not heard, so we were really encouraged to be quiet. I could count the times I was allowed to sleep over at friends’ houses.

I was a loner, I used to stay at the library all by myself, which is why I was so good at school.

After I won, there was a time I was in a bus, it was 2 a.m. I wanted to learn, I wanted to pursue acting not just in the Philippines. I have been picky with my roles, and He has been good to me.

Then this group beside me started saying, , it was so hard. Why is it so hard to be there again in the soap scene, in the movie scene? In this world, you really have to work hard if you want to get something.” Echo shares he would like to pursue producing and directing in the future, aside from acting abroad.

Thing is, I just had a tooth operation and my mouth was so swollen but I was so confident to ask her out. I ended up watching with a guy friend,” Jericho recalls. “But of course I didn’t go inside,” they both laugh.

“Yeah, I said I had plans, but I didn’t,” Kim answers shyly covering her face. “Yeah, we would text, but she would reply with just one line, ,” Jericho laughs.

18: number of years Jericho has been in show business, having done around 15 soap operas and over 20 movies. Where to stay: “This new resort called Costa Pacifica.

515,172: number of views on You Tube of Jericho proposing to Kim, in their church, on her birthday. “Flotsam and Jetsam, it’s this fairly new hostel that’s shabby chic,” she says. But my favorite is still Bahia de Baler,” Echo says. On what they have learned to never do in a relationship: “Never go to sleep without resolving an argument,” Kim says.

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50-plus: number of hats in Jericho’s collection (“I had more, I gave away a lot already”) 23: jersey number Kim used to wear when she played football in high school (“Because it was David Beckham’s number! Travel time: Five hours 9 One relationship tip Jericho shares: “Sometimes, just keep your mouth shut.” On what they learned from their past relationships: “I think my past relationship just put into perspective what I was looking for, what I needed in a life long partner. I found it fundamental that we had to have the same faith, we had to want the same things, we had to want to grow together. “I learned I should just keep my mouth shut,” Jericho laughs and they high five.

”) 4: average number of times they see each other a week (“When we are less busy, we see each other every day.”) 6 It was actually Kim who asked Jericho out, but not before she rejected his invitation first. I just had one relationship before this and it was four years, I learned what I wanted and what I didn’t,” Kim says. I have always had to pursue, and look, but with us, I just gave in to what life gave me. “When arguing, normally the one who talks more is either guilty, or because you talk too much you’ll end up saying something unnecessary. ’ I say, I need something more solid than me,” he adds. * * * Jericho and Kim are one of those couples that you come across and you think to yourself, “They really are perfect for each other.” They didn’t wait for a signs, everything just happened effortlessly.

So he went out and bought one, but we never saw each other again. “That night, we were talking, getting to know each other.

So the next time we met up he gave it and said, ‘I got this for you like two months ago,’” she says chuckling.

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