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26-Oct-2018 12:45

In answer to a current television ad, no, I don't think it would be great to be able to charge a can of soda to my cellphone.

I realize that I'm in the minority in that view, so we're likely to be able to continue to charge more and more things other than telephone calls to our phone bills.

I object strenuously to the misuse of international settlements payments, which are intended to compensate foreign telephone companies for the use of their domestic networks.

Carrying a call ten meters from the inbound switch to a conference bridge in the next room is not what I consider "use of the domestic network." Worse, the charges are often inadequately disclosed, and the consumer has little or no protection against misleading or outright fraudulent use of these international numbers.

I do insist, though, that the process be clear and above board, with safeguards to protect against unauthorized or unwanted charges.

In particular, I want to be able to say up front that — no matter what options other people want to take advantage of — I don't want to be able to add onto my phone bill the cost of a can of soda, or a charitable donation, or a conference chat with lonely singles in my area, or a psychic reading, or a new refrigerator, or my car payment, or anything else except the cost of connecting my phone to someone else's phone.

The primary reason for the lack of updates is that the phenomenon of international telesleaze numbers has largely faded away.

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