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: Pradeep Gowda: I have saved it in ma personal,folder and,lockced it : Pradeep Gowda: I kissed ur boobs : M. hey plz mathe touch maadu darling : Pradeep Gowda: Hmm madtini iru... Shilpa Gowda: Even den beda darling please dont force tell me : Pradeep Gowda: Please kano : M. : Pradeep Gowda: Det much hard is enough for u to take inside? Shilpa Gowda: I ll talk to u n I ll make it get tempt k naan first time nodidh hmmmm : M. Shilpa Gowda: Neenu complete aagi : Pradeep Gowda: Nin holaga ? Shilpa Gowda: Its suprb honey : Pradeep Gowda: U want to lick my dick ? Shilpa Gowda: Hmmmm : Pradeep Gowda: Nin pussy ge adjust agutga? Shilpa Gowda: Ho aagathe : Pradeep Gowda: Ibru gu kushi agutha? Shilpa Gowda: Love u  : Pradeep Gowda: : Pradeep Gowda: Hey chinna : Pradeep Gowda: Whr r u? Shilpa Gowda: Had been to toilet : Pradeep Gowda: Nange torsalwa nin pussy na? Shilpa Gowda: Cheee : Pradeep Gowda: Kutkondu tagi bangari : M. : Pradeep Gowda: Heli chinna, in case beda andre : Pradeep Gowda: En madtiya?

Shilpa Gowda: No nodidh takshna wat u did Pradeep Gowda: Muthi kote.... Shilpa Gowda: Thank u lovr : Pradeep Gowda: Kiss kote : Pradeep Gowda: Ofcorse cant suck or chew : Pradeep Gowda: Thx for wat? Shilpa Gowda: Really u touched wid ur penny : Pradeep Gowda: Nindu wet agilwa? Shilpa Gowda:  : Pradeep Gowda: Node ilwa istu varsha? Shilpa Gowda: Chikk makluge nodidini ega nin de first : Pradeep Gowda:  : Pradeep Gowda:  : Pradeep Gowda: Wat ru doing chinnuzzz : M. Shilpa Gowda: Now only imagine : Pradeep Gowda: Ha ha, yeah I am.... Shilpa Gowda: I did kano haage adhu barodhu : Pradeep Gowda: Bari yellow signal aste : Pradeep Gowda: Try one more time darling : Pradeep Gowda: If i become lean, ll b still more superbbb... 0313: Pradeep Gowda: Chinna its ma,love hole or piss hole? Shilpa Gowda: One after the other : Pradeep Gowda: Chinna seriously super agide previous one....

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m ur's honey : Pradeep Gowda: M already married to u honey : M. : Pradeep Gowda: Honey ll u write the script for our first night? : Pradeep Gowda: R u ready for taking into ass also?

first time naan naachkolthini u hav to cum forward n do everything aamele its my turn k : Pradeep Gowda: Honey I have read like they do annal sex.... Shilpa Gowda: Gothilla will watch in blue movies n do : Pradeep Gowda: Ayyo... : Pradeep Gowda: Uaualy gays anthu ale madodu Anthe.... : Pradeep Gowda: Nodana in future ansidre try madona....

Daddy’s tongue, so gentle and affectionate, starting to move from the most ass, slightly parted the wet calling “blind” it “folds”, slid them up, reached trembling, swollen clitoris tubercle, with the force pressed against him, teasing the tip. Nails scratching upholstery chair, breathing is interrupted.

Sweet drove muscle cramp abdomen, causing shudder, pull over bent knees.

: Pradeep Gowda: Nachike aadru parvagila, ista aadre daaku... Shilpa Gowda: Luv uuuuuuu : Pradeep Gowda: Sure....

Shilpa Gowda: Everything is new experience so njoy everything wid u darling : Pradeep Gowda: Thanks dear.... n wat u wana here : Pradeep Gowda: Love u darling antha kariyana ankondide...

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