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Lennox explains the reason she said what she did was because "Mrs. After bargaining they agree that he will take care of the kids.

Mel comes home midday to see Joe folding her delicates.

Ryder comes down to tell Joe his idea to eat was a good one.

Mel wonders why he is home in the middle of the day.

Lennox comes in and ask "why are there crazy white guys throwing garbage at the door? Mel discusses the hardship in raising her nephew and niece, to which Rhonda reminds Mel of how she was at fifteen.

Ryder Scanlon is outside going to play basketball as Mel walks out with the trash.

I want to embrace and get into all different types and facets of comedy. After your first few years in the league playing for a team that didn't get much national attention, how was the adjustment to being at the center of the NBA world? And I say great with so much ambivalence, because when you're actually going through it, it absolutely sucks. It's very lonely when you're taking a lot of that scrutiny.

I sat down with Kyrie while he was shooting his new Uncle Drew Pepsi commercial (which debuts today and you should watch it, because as usual, it's amazing), to discuss all the important issues: His tattoo of the So you've got a new Uncle Drew spot, and I know you have a background in theater. Well it all started when I put myself out there in my first high school play my senior year.

Joe finds Lennox on the roof, to which he asks her why she isn't at her meeting. Lennox tells him that he doesn't know anything about her. Joe and Ryder are playing basketball; Ryder says he knows all the bad luck Joe has had and feels bad foe him. She accuses him of lying and bribery, and asks him what he won't do.

Joe agrees and wonders why she is so hard on her aunt. Joe tells Ryder his "mom" is home, when in fact it is his aunt. In the Kitchen, Mel asks how he got Lennox to go to the meeting. They make up and decide that him being there is permanent.

They then begin discussing shoes when both of there cell phones ring simultaneously. She explains her schedule is busy and she doesn't have time to date.

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Mel receives a call from the school informing her that Lennox has been suspended for handed out fliers that mock the school principals name with a vulgar obscenity. Mel quickly grabs Griffin, kisses him, and says "that should hold you for a few weeks".Paper writers are well-educated professionals, competent in different fields of scientific art that won’t leave your assignment immediately! Title: 26th Annual Arm Wrestling Contest Description: Sunday, July 22nd. The Arm Wrestling Championship is the finale to the event.

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