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For some reason, I'm having a harder time with men. Going back to women in their 60s - the already mentioned Susan Sarandon, and Elizabeth Sladen (61). All this Donald Sutherland lust is very encouraging to me, since he's the celebrity that a number of people have said I look like in recent years. (I'm 44) Looking great in the recent Dr Who Waters of Mars episode. I think the surgeon got behind her, braced both feet and just pulled. I point out that she always looked perpetually suprised, even at 21. And I'd still be ready and willing to climb that tall drink of water.

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83 ( Leachman-CSH-046290.jpg) ain't supposed to look like this. Donald Sutherland for me too, probably, for men, with honorable mention to Robert Redford who still looks quite fine at 73, if a little leathery. Joey Heatherton - 65 - for those who remember the Serta Mattress commercials. I would also mention Dawn Wells, 71, but the only recent picture I can find of her is a mug shot, and nobody looks good in a mug shot (but she definitely still looked good well into her 60s). After watching an episode of "Fringe" I finally remembered an old guy who I am totally crushing on - John Noble ( Noble.jpg/300px-John Noble.jpg) who plays Walter Bishop. Ok, it's maybe old enough to qualify as a zombie thread, but tonight I saw Queen ( Noor ( USTRE65B05B20100612) on Bill Maher's show. I've been fortunate enough to meet both in person (albeit five and almost nine years ago, respectively) and they did not disappoint, especially Bowie's charming smile. Still had that boyish grin and those devastating eyes. Please make your own financial decisions based on personal research or see a financial advisor.There are paid and affiliate links on this site, and I may be compensated when you click on a link.Jane Seymour, 58 Olivia Newton-John, 61 Susan Sarandon, 63 Helen Mirren, 64 Catherine Deneuve, 66 Faye Dunaway, 68 And the winner is: Raquel Welch ( 69And I'll throw in Barbara Hershey who will be 62 next month. Michelle Pfeiffer is still hot -- smokin' hot for her age -- but I don't really get revved up for her. Still looking like Hotlips, and her shower scene in MASH is tattooed in my brain. Up-close, you can tell she's had work done (no 60-year-old looks that great), but it was done very subtly. I'm 24 for the record - back on page 1, I picked Susan Surrandon (63) and Deforest Kelley circa Star Trek 2 (62). Grizzled, yes, but you can still see that certain..... Actually, I think he was hotter when he was younger, so maybe that doesn't count so much. No one ever gets my Christopher Walken crush, and I don't find that too odd. I haven't the energy to go researching the ages of various Celeb women I am attracted to (Such as Scarlett Johansson) But I did find myself attracted to Alesha Dixon ( Dixon MOBO.jpg) lately and then was mildly surprised to find out she's 30. ), the slender, wiry frame, the incredible wit, the accent..embarrassingly schoolgirlish things I will post for complete strangers to read at one in the morning...thank god for annonymity. It's the alien-ish mismatched eyes, the incredible talent (his latest albums are STILL GOOD THERE I SAID IT THEY ARE TOO! No slobbering pussy-hound, he, which was and is so unusual and refreshing in the music biz.

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I was going to mention her too, but sadly I recently saw her in the French movie Tell No One and she had so much work done that I barely recognized her. And you must be attracted to them in their current state, no fair saying so-and-so, but back when she was in her prime! The great thing about my deep crush on Wallace Shawn (66) is that he pretty much always looks the same. In my defense, I watched them one right after the other and they were both great. Does it count if they'd be pushing 70 now if they were alive - but unfortunately they died at 43? v=geh Gv W-RIk U&feature=Play List&p=97E1008536B973B4&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=78Probably Mary Steenburgen ( 56 now, although recent pictures suggest some sort of record amount of Botox. They softened her "smile lines" without removing them. If I were straight, she'd be at the top of my list. If Dee is cheating, since I'm going back in time, I pick Hugh Laurie (50) as my man-choice. Chatzky around New York, and she is as delicious looking IRL as on the tube. Once she was in a yellow raincoat and strap sandals, and I have to say, she had some of the prettiest feet I have ever seen. Also, Anderson Cooper's pretty smokin', but he's only 42. But how can you not understand the appeal of David Bowie? you mean Helen Mirren isn't the automatic default setting for this question? I know 30's not old but to me she looks 25 or younger. Looking at this site ( most of the women there have been mentioned, and there are only a few I'm not salivating over. I still have a big crush on Marilyn Mc Coo from the 5th Dimension and the music/dance 1980's show Solid Gold. ), the slender, wiry frame, the incredible wit, the accent..embarrassingly schoolgirlish things I will post for complete strangers to read at one in the morning...thank god for annonymity. I certainly can't disagree with Mary Mc Donnel or Sigourney Weaver (my first comment after walking out of Avatar was "Damn, Sigourney Weaver looks hot as a redhead"), and I find it hard to believe that Nigella Lawson is 50. He's actually older than my dad by seven-ish years. The IMDB ( sez she was born in 1961; Wikipedia ( sez she was born in 1964, but if you click their cite link ( it sez she may have been born in 1954! I think she must be older because Wikipedia says she was already a nurse in 1982.

Plus she's a dirty-minded old thing - I saw her on Comedy Central roasting Bob Saget and she gave as good as she got! imgurl= Wg Ly Gmr JYZvb THOur Jvqlmr4=&h=309&w=230&sz=22&hl=en&start=2&sig2=Mg Jbs Pwy_o Muzrl4q Ay VSw&um=1&tbnid=3ZGh WMWqiy Yz RM:&tbnh=117&tbnw=87&prev=/images? For women, hmm, Sally Field is good but there's Stockard Channing, who's a year older. I didn't know what a Serta was when I was a kid but I know I wanted one desperately. I would have done Newman until his last day and he was in his 80s. A big part of my crush on him is John Noble being a great actor who has fantastic magnetism. For 59 years old, she is stunning, and very smart and articulate.

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