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Free concert in the park right near a top rated wine bar? Tip: The first step to signing up is taking a “Chemistry Test.” Don’t say you’re looking for love if you’re just looking to get laid and don’t say you’re just looking to get laid if you’re looking for love. Either physically punched in the mouth or emotionally heartbroken. Crazy Blind Date This title might sound terrible but this new dating app from the online dating website Ok Cupid is pretty legit. Hit up seamless and have sandwiches delivered from your favorite deli in minutes.It’s kind of a mix of How About We and Plenty of Fish and it gets you on a date, fast. Grab the food and a bottle of wine and you’re good to go. Just clean up a bit, kick out your roommate and order from seamless. Tinder This is the king of the dating apps since it has had such a spike in popularity.For those of you who have been living under a rock, Tinder tracks your current location and finds girls within your vicinity.

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I love Lil Wayne but everything dries up when he raps something demeaning and derogatory about women when I’m trying to get it on. Download Snap Chat so you can send each other pictures and videos that automatically delete after a few seconds. Similar to a Facebook status, you post a date idea that starts with “How About We…” Based off of your suggestions and profile a girl nearby will hit you up if she wants to join. You’re onto the next stop on the train to pound town. Plenty of Fish Similar to Tinder, a location tracker shows you who’s nearby and lets you get in touch quickly with a “Meet Me” feature.If you found a girl who happens to be in the same neighborhood and wants to meet up you’re golden. Never fear, the “Places” feature gives you some ideas for a date and will even send you event notifications for your area.Simply tell the app when and where you’d like to go, and they set you up with someone who’s available at that time and down to meet. Seamless Now that you’ve found your girl it’s time to turn up the charm. Here’s another scenario, you have been hanging out with a girl for a bit and are on date three. Throw out the to go containers and take credit for the meal. Around Me Some guys aren’t into all this online dating stuff. Check theaters in your area code, get movie reviews, show times, and even order tickets right from your phone, for free.

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The app maintains your privacy while finding you the perfect match behind the scenes. Let’s say she wants to have lunch in the park and get to know one another. She will be really impressed by your cooking skills and she’ll be conveniently located near your bed when the meal is over. Tip: The hot girl from Tinder blew you off an hour before you were going to pick her up because she’s “sick.” Dumb bitch. Take the chivalrous route and have seamless deliver pre-paid chicken noodle soup to her apartment. Call you a traditionalist but you think it’s ridiculous to do anything other than meet a girl in person and ask her out the old fashioned way. Fandango Dinner went well and your mutual knowledge and love for music and funny movie quotes is really paying off! And while all the other bros are waiting in line to buy tickets, you can cruise on up with your hot date, pick up your tickets and act like you own the place. Uber After the movies, you decided on a drink and then another and then several more.

They say there's plenty of fish in the sea, but for whatever reason, the sea of dating apps appears to be lacking plenty.

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