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14-Sep-2018 04:34

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He says there's been an increase in the number of adult shops, but they've also become more visible.'They've moved from the back streets into the main streets and into suburban shopping malls,' he tells .'There's also been a huge increase in the availability of pornography, particularly online.The model of shops has got to change and we are doing our bit.'Not only is the internet changing the product mix in adult stores, it's also driving a process of normalisation, Maginn says, with more women visiting adult stores as customers.'The acceptability of adult retailing has gone from the "dirty mac" brigade frequenting porn shops to couples, to LGBTI people, to women seeking to fulfil a "feminine need" in this space,' he says.'Erotic boutiques' and Tupperware-style parties There are three clear categories of sex shops in this new, more liberated era, according to Maginn.

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