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I was about to go in when I heard Jess say my name.

I decided to stay hidden and listen what it was about.

My office is just a couple of blocks from the downtown area of an older but revitalized small city. Read On Added: | Category: Exhibitionism | Words: 2,843 | Tags: voyeurism fingering masturbation Sometimes one kiss changes everything~ Lost in a maze of vibrant music, children's laughter, and carnie banter as they desperately pushed their wares, my mind wandered as if desperate to be anywhere but the circus.

Eyes brimming with jealousy, I watched the happy couples meandering hand in hand, envious of their appearance of normalcy.

Just to show that my heart was in the right place, if not my mood, I dressed as sexily as suburbia would allow.

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I cracked the window to let the crisp air blow in over my face.A random stranger convinces me to give him and his friends blowjobs in the gym locker room.